a new generation of vehicle to play the snow

Fun and leisure with sustainable development, is his philosophy


SNOWMOPED  is a efficient and light snowvehicle, this is a concept patented and completely new within the snowmobile industry. SNOWMOPED  is versatile, very agile and lots of fun, providing a sensational means of fluid and dynamic driving with a very short turning cirlce or even the fun of skidding with easy control. In addition you will appreciate much his very low fuel consumption, low sound level and extremely low smoke emission.

High dose of emotion and freedom.

Snowmoped is intended for PROFESSIONAL and RECREATIONAL uses

-Transport – Move

For your daily short or medium distance trip. Choose the way you like the most or the trip that you want to make, Snowmoped carries you in a practical and fun way.



High beats,  Ascents, close curves, long straights, narrow trails, easy controlled skidding. Record your time or compete against other runners. Remember for your comfort and security you should be equipped with a helmet and appropriate protective clothing.

- Rent
New recreational activities in your business (hotels, tourist resorts, ski resorts, snow parks, tourist - adventure enterprises ...)
Snowmoped is your new business, innovative, cheap and very funny, low maintenance and
economic consumption your costs will be clearly defined. New leisure offer for new times.

- Rescue – Control – Assistance 
Quick interventions are fundamental when we are talking of a rescue, help or any assistance.
Control of forest areas, supervision areas and watched environments. 
Its limited weight and volume help you access places where other vehicles can not access. Is compact and easy to transport in a car, small boat, into a helicopter or even in a chairlift.

-Facilities Supervision
For your daily tasks of supervision, logistics, maintenance of facilities or staff movements, specially in tracks for cross country skiing and ski resort.
The supervision of your facilities in a practical and economic way.

- Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a nordic popular pastime and growing every year. Access to the lakes that you want is sometimes complicated, requiring a walk of several kilometres in the snow and ice, loaded with a backpack, hammock and other fishing accessories.
Now it is easier, Snowmoped takes you to the destination that you decide, you can travel on the snow without danger it only 65 kilograms

It´s quite different to what you have known 

The main difference when you drive Snowmoped versus a conventional snowmobile is that with Snowmoped you feel very free and very light. Mainly you do not feel the high inertia weight like the snowmobile produces, nor high sound and high smoke, really this is a great virtue. Also the level of danger is lower, because in case of dump you have hardly any danger. Of course, put straight up the snownmoped if is dump, its really easy, ...even a child could do it¡¡, his high handlebar allows you to make great lever effect. Logically Snowmoped has less power versus conventional snowmobile, however with Snowmoped a higher power is not proportional to higher interactive fun. With Snowmoped many other aspects and feelings must be considered. 

Elaborate and efficient design full of innovation

The build is of quality in the components, as the strong and elegant tubular frame completely of stainless steel and the Camoplast rubber track provides traction and durability in the snow. Press the electric start button and you are ready to enjoy this innovative vehicle equipped with a reliable and efficient engine.

The Piaggio engine is a four-stroke in different capacities of 150cc and 200cc. The euro3 regulation is reached and the efficient exhaust muffler catalized make to Snowmoped a very silent vehicle. It has an automatic clutch with CVT transmission and a box gear in the secondary transmission, all this provides an extraordinary mechanical reliability, low maintenance costs and long life. With light weight and reduced volume, Snowmoped transmits a total sensation of control and security, as intuitive as to lean your body left or right to get immediate feedback and create long and gentle curves, but also skids and full 360º turns within a one meter radius, it is easy, safe and amazing fun. it is surprising the great handling that has and how it can go dodging the trees, the scrub, and to driving in narrow paths within the forest

Several factors are involved in his efficient sterring. The rider intuitively will support foot weight on the left or right side pedal, so the steering mechanism is activated with a patented multi-rotational effect of the skis, positioning every ski in a very efficient orienteering for realize turn in Snowmoped. This multi-rotational effect of the skis also generate lateral inclination, both Snowmoped and rider are leaning sideways to left or right, depending direction you want to advance. Finally another point that also help to make the turn in Snowmoped is the patented exterior carving profile that the skis have, (this is the same as the previous past snowmoped version).

Transporting or storage Snowmoped is also very easy, as you can fold the handlebar and pack it into your car there is no need to use a trailer. Include accessory wheels for transporting easily in normal ground.

DEMO - VIDEO   snow test area

These two demo-video show the good result of our new prototypes after several years of hard work and testing. 

Amazing performances of agility and easy handling have been achieved, both in open spaces and narrow wooded areas.

The Snowmoped prototypes history

This access shows a small summary with 4 demo videos about the evolution over time of Snowmoped prototypes developments

- Video Collection of old photos. Showing snow tests areas and expo fairs in different sites like, Norway, Finland, French Alps, Switzerland Alps, Spain mountains. 

- Video demo of interesting and fun old prototypes in test area.