a new generation of vehicle to play the snow

The Snowmoped prototypes history

It might seem very basic to start saying the typical phrase,  "this is a long story...", but..., yes, it really has been a long story.

I had practiced snowboarding in the early 90's when this sport began to take some strength in Spain. Currently I still have an asymmetric table of strange shapes that was used in those years. Time later I also built some handmade skis, with some material (sidewall, base, topsheet, edge) I bought from the US on the internet, when internet shop was still an means uncertainty. Also my passion for motorcycles, mechanical systems and engines were mixed with the interest in the snow. From there derived the first ideas and gadgets for snow and also some patent.

Some time later, I raise the challenge of achieving a vehicle different, innovative, especially respectful to the environment, but at the same time effective and fun in the snow, and it should also be easily transportable in a normal car.

The different snow vehicles on the market I knew were the conventional snowmobiles and Atv with track kit or also the popular "Snowhawk", from which the current "snow bike" (cross motorbike with snow track kit) were derived. I also knew some Asian inventions of dubious performances. In addition I had read also more than 200 different patents from different countries of the world about snow vehicles or snow system, patented since approximately 1940 to the present day. Perhaps only 20% of these inventions patents were manufactured and marketed. Some are still in the market, but others have ceased to exist.

The first Snowmoped prototype I made with a new patent dates back to 2004 year, although previously I had worked on other small motorized snow system since 1995. Logically the first concept of Snowmoped developed in 2004 did not provide the same performances as the current Snowmoped 2016 version. The 2004 prototype equipped a small two-stroke kart engine 100cc,  with a simple automatic clutch and small exhaust muffler,  I remember that it was a very noisy engine. The great virtue of that little "invention" is that it was so light that a person could carry it with the arms.

Time later we have completed many tests in the snow and showed prototypes to public in expo fairs and dealers. Later the prototypes were improved and applying different techniques and new patents, reaching in the present a very optimized and efficient product. Many anecdotes happy and sad have occurred since the beginnings ...and the story continues.


Short summary of the evolution over time of snowmoped prototypes designs

- Video Collection of old photos. Showing snow tests areas and expo fairs in different sites like, Norway, Finland, French Alps, Switzerland Alps, Spain mountains. 

- Also you can to see three interesting old video of snowmoped in test area.

  1. Snowmoped in Norway  prototype beginnings
    This video show a old snowmoped prototype tested in Norway. This is one of the first prototypes developed at the beginning of the snowmoped project, about the year 2006. This is a very basic and elemental snowmoped prototype. However, although to be an old prototype, it still surprises in agility to move
  2. Snowmoped test in Lapland
  3. Snowmoped test in skiresor. This video show a old snowmoped prototype tested in a ski resort area. This prototype is improved compared to tested in Norway.


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