SNOWMOPED is a practical and easy to drive personal snowvehicle. This is a Patented design concept completely new within the snowmobile industry and recreational snow sport.

SNOWMOPED is versatile, light, agile and lots of fun, providing fluid and dynamic driving with very short turning circle and easy skidding control.

Snowmoped is intended for PROFESSIONAL  and RECREATIONAL uses

- Personal Transport 

Short or medium distance trip. In rural, forest or interurban area. Practical, clean and fun use.

- Motorsport Race  

Sharp curves, long straights, narrow trails, easy controlled skidding. 

 - Rental business

Recreational activities  (hotels resorts, ski resorts, snow parks, adventure tours). Good stability and easy to drive


 - Rescue Assistance 

Quick rescue interventions and easy  transportIts limited weight and volume help you access places where other vehicles can not access. Compact and easy to transport into car, small boat, even a helicopter or a chairlift.


-Facilities control

For tasks of supervision,  control of narrow forest areas, logistics, maintenance of facilities, staff movements, specially in tracks for cross country skiing and ski resort.



 - Ice Fishing

The popular hobby in the Nordic countries. Snowmoped is more agile and light for access until soft ice surface

It´s quite different to what you have known 

The main difference when you drive Snowmoped versus a conventional snowmobile is that ride Snowmoped you feel very free and very light. Mainly you do not feel high inertia weight or width volume like the snowmobile produces, nor high sound nor high smoke, really this is a great quiet feeling. Also the level of danger is lower in case of dump. Of course, to get up Snownmoped if is tipped over, its really easy, ...even a child could do it¡¡, His high handlebar allows you to make great lever effect. 

Logically Snowmoped has less power versus conventional snowmobile, however for Snowmoped higher power is not synonymous to higher fun, many other intereactive aspects and funny feelings must be considered.

Transporting or storage Snowmoped 

Very easy, you can fold the handlebar (patented) and pack it into your car, is not need to use a trailer. Include accessory wheels for transporting easily in normal ground.